Sung Kang is not Dead



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Fans around the world were quickly concerned when false news about actor Sung Kang's death spread earlier this week. However, it has now been confirmed that the September 2023 report is completely untrue and just another in a series of fabricated celebrity death rumors. We can happily reassure everyone that the actor, renowned for his performances in movies such as Bullet to the Head and Fast Five, is alive and doing well.

After the false report of Sung Kang's death began circulating, hundreds of fans took to Facebook to express their condolences and sadness over the loss of the talented 51-year-old actor. Meanwhile, the Twitterverse erupted in a frenzy over the death hoax.

While some fans believed the post without question, others were skeptical right away, having learned from previous instances of fake celebrity death reports that have surfaced in recent months. Skeptics pointed out that the news had not been reported by any major American network, suggesting it was a fabricated report, as the death of a prominent actor like Sung Kang would undoubtedly make headlines across multiple networks.

According to a recent poll conducted by the Celebrity Post, a large majority (76%) of respondents no longer find these death rumors about Sung Kang amusing.

Fortunately, on Saturday (September 9), the actor's representatives officially confirmed that Sung Kang is alive and well. They expressed frustration over the fact that he has now become another victim of this hoax and urged people to stop believing everything they see on the internet.

Some fans expressed anger at the creators of the fake report, as they deemed it careless, distressing, and hurtful to those who admire the beloved actor. Others saw the incident as a testament to Sung Kang's immense popularity worldwide.


It's sad that the internet nowadays can do and say what they want. Good thing there are forums like to debunk the said fake news.