MiniTool Partition Wizard Techinician 12.6 (Repack+Portable)




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MiniTool Partition Wizard is a manager for the management of the hard drive sections. With the program, you can change the size of the section, create a new section on the hard drive, remove and format existing sections. Utilities can work not only with individual hard drives, but also with drives combined in RAID arrays.

Support for RAID.

Converting a section with the FAT file system into a section with the NTFS file system.

Support for drives and sections larger than 3TB.

Copying one of the sections.

Cloning the entire hard drive (creating an exact c@py on another physical disk).

The Disk Map option allows you to visually display the structure of sections and hard drives.

Restoring the MBR boot area.

Change the dynamic drive to the base disk.

Testing the health of the hard drive.

Hiding/displaying the section.

Installing an active section.

Assigning a section of the appropriate letter. Selectively assign the right letter to the on-demand section.

Changing the serial number of the section and Type ID. Aligning all sections or assigned sections to
optimize hard drive performance - Faster speed and a higher level of security.

Pre-activated na. No cr4ack3d needed
Upon launching installer, select between Standard Installation (install sa PC) or Unpacking Portable Version (diresto launch na sa app portable).
Check boxes "Run the Program" Icon to open after and/or "Create Desktop".

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