How to Get two prizes in Roblox events



The first prize is from the FIFA World event and the second is from the Samsung Space Tycoon. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Prize 1: Poorly Backpack from FIFA World event​

  1. Go to the FIFA World map and navigate to the "Unlockable UDC items" section.
  2. To get the Poorly Backpack, you need to complete three daily quests that refresh every 24 hours.
  3. Go to the teleporter labeled "Football Campus Germany."
  4. Speak to the character named "Poorly the bird," and start a mini-game against Poorly. The game is like darts but with a football. Aim your ball at the targets and press 'E' to shoot.
  5. Win the mini-game.
  6. Speak to the character named "Martina" in the clubhouse.
  7. Play the same mini-game against another random player in the server. You can challenge people by pressing 'Q'.
  8. Repeat the process for three days to get the Poorly Backpack.

Prize 2: Genus Mass Samsung Galaxy Z from Samsung Space Tycoon​

  1. Join the Samsung Space Tycoon server.
  2. Go to the pink portal labeled "Pink Desert."
  3. Speak to the aliens in the Pink Desert. They will give you a mining tool.
  4. Press 'C' or click on your gun to select it.
  5. Find the blue monsters with pink spikes in the Pink Desert and shoot them. There are 30 of these monsters you need to kill.
  6. Collect 5,000 coins. You can get coins from killing the monsters or from your tycoon by making Samsung products.
  7. Go back to the space station and go to the UDC section.
  8. Buy the Genus Mass Samsung Galaxy Z using the coins you've collected.
Remember that these events may not always be available, as Roblox has discontinued monthly and seasonal events since May 2019, replacing them with developer-made games