Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks You Should Try in 2024



An iPhone comes equipped with numerous impressive features designed to enhance your daily interactions. From the convenience of swipe-to-type to executing a 3-finger pinch gesture for copy/paste functions, these built-in features contribute to a seamless iPhone experience. While many users are familiar with these tricks, there's still a collection of lesser-known iPhone tips and tricks that might make you realize there's more to explore. Unveiling these secrets gave me a similar revelation, and in this article, I'll reveal 40 hidden iPhone tips and tricks that are worth exploring in 2024. Let's dive in!

1. Bypass Silent mode for Emergency contacts​

I've always wished to keep my iPhone in Silent Mode continuously, and it's incredibly convenient that my phone still rings when my Mom calls. Surprisingly, many iPhone users aren't aware of this feature. For those who frequently use Silent mode, there's a secret iPhone trick to make life easier. You can configure your iPhone to override Silent mode for specific emergency contacts. This means that whenever you receive a call or notification from those contacts, your iPhone will audibly alert you, even if Silent mode is active. It's a lifesaver for individuals like me who prefer keeping their iPhones silent but don't want to miss important calls.

Open your Contacts and select the contactfor which you want to bypass the silent mode. Now, tap Edit -> Ringtone and turn ON the Emergency Bypass toggle.

IMG 1155

2. Make your iPhone more secure with a Secondary Passcode​

All iPhone users should know this secret trick. God forbid, if your iPhone ever gets stolen, this clever iPhone trick can be your lifeguard. If the thief knows your iPhone passcode, he can get into your device, change passwords, and even bypass FaceID. Fortunately, there’s a hidden iPhone trick that can stop the thief from changing your iPhone passcode and doing the damage.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and visit the Screen Time section.
  • Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions and turn the slider ON for Content & Privacy Restrictions.
  • Now, set a Screen Time Passcode that’s different from your iPhone’s Passcode.
  • Once you’ve done this, scroll down to find Passcode changes and Account changes options.

IMG 1156

  • Tap Passcode Changes, and set it to Don’t Allow.
  • Now, go back and tap Account Changes, and set it to Don’t Allow as well.
  • When you do this, you’ll notice that your iPhone won’t show you the FaceID and Passcode option which is otherwise available in Settings (under Siri & Search).
  • Also, no one can see your Apple ID details.

IMG 1157

  • Now, if someone tries to change your iPhone’s passcode, he’ll also have to enter the Screen Time Passcode.

3. Locate your iPhone that’s Turned Off​

Here’s another super-useful hidden iPhone trick that can help you locate your lost iPhone even when it is turned OFF. Go to Settings > Apple ID > Find My > Find My iPhone and turn the slider ON for Find My Network.

IMG 1158

When enabled, you’ll always be able to locate your phone even if the thief has turned it OFF. So, make sure to enable this secret iPhone setting right away.

4. Disable Control Center when iPhone is Locked​

When we’re talking about useful anti-theft tricks for iPhone, we want you to know this one. If you don’t want anyone to access the Control Panel when the iPhone is locked because they could turn OFF Mobile Data and Wi-Fi, and mess up with other settings, there’s a cool iPhone trick to do that as well. Just head to Settings > Face ID and Passcode and now turn the slider OFF for Control Center.

IMG 1159

5. Two-finger Swipe to Quickly Select/deselect Multiple Items​

Here comes a super-useful hidden iPhone hack that you absolutely need to know. To quickly select multiple items on your iPhone, tap an item using two fingers and swipe down to select as many items as you want. To deselect, simply swipe your fingers up. Do you know the best part? You can use this iPhone trick to select multiple items anywhere. Be it the Messages app, Contacts, Files, Notes, or others.

6. Use your iPhone’s Keyboard as a Trackpad​

Did you know your iPhone has a hidden trackpad? Yes, you’ve heard it right. This hack can help you move the cursor precisely across that long paragraph and make edits, which is otherwise difficult to do. Honestly speaking, the traditional method of moving the cursor gets quite annoying, and you prefer to type the text again rather than correct it. Well, at some point, this happens to everyone. Thankfully, there’s a real iPhone trick to access that hidden trackpad on your iPhone.