ChatGPT powered SIRI!



Siri Pro mode uses Chat GPT via the Shortcut app. It will turn Siri into Chat GPT. So this is a great way to get Chat GPT Siri Pro on iPhone, iOS, and iPad. Chat GPT is an Al model by OpenAl and is free to use. So turn Siri into Chat GPT and make it superhuman!

To use Siri Pro, you will need to have or create a Chat GPT account using this link:

Then you will need to retrieve your Chat GPT API from this link:


Next, paste it into the "text" field of this ChatGPT Siri Pro Shortcut, which you can download from here:


Rename the Shortcut to "Pro" so all you need to do is say "Hey Siri Pro"

Go have fun using Siri Pro mode after you make Chat GPT Siri Pro!