An incredible iPhone technique that will revolutionize your scrolling experience



With each new hardware and iOS iteration, Apple introduces a host of fresh features aimed at enhancing the iPhone user experience. Not all of these additions are revolutionary or receive the spotlight at WWDC or iPhone launch events. Nevertheless, each iOS update brings a bundle of handy tricks, and some of them may remain hidden to the average user. One noteworthy inclusion is a lightning-fast scrolling trick for iPhones, a game-changer for swift browsing in Safari, social media apps, and various other applications.

A short while back, I introduced you to an incredible iPhone volume control feature that you might not be making the most of. I must admit, despite my long history with iPhones, I hadn't been using it either.

If you're already familiar with that trick, the fast-scrolling iPhone feature might ring a bell. However, this one is even trickier to discover, particularly for those who've just gotten their hands on their very first iPhone. Unlike the prominent volume slider that appears on the left side of the screen when adjusting volume, the scroll bar is far less conspicuous.

Scrolling on iPhone and iPad works just fine. You tap the screen with a finger and move up or down. But there might be instances where you’d want to scroll faster than what your finger can do. Maybe it’s an online store, a multi-page document, a social app or website, or a photo gallery. And you’re looking for a specific piece of information that’s a few screens up or down.

That’s where this iPhone scrolling trick comes into play. The gesture is incredibly simple and very easy to master.

Tap the screen as if you were about to scroll and mimic scrolling until the scroll bar appears. Quickly tap and hold the scroll bar until you feel haptic feedback. You’re waiting for a small vibration. The scroll bar also thickens in size if you can see it under your finger.

Once that’s done, scroll down without releasing the scroll bar. This is the key element that makes scrolling a lot faster on iPhone.