NEWS Amazon Fire Stick users can legally stream thousands of videos

Millions of individuals rely on Amazon Fire TV Sticks to access top-tier streaming platforms like Netflix and Disney+ for their preferred TV series and movies. Additionally, the Fire Stick provides an alternative application that permits users to download and enjoy free TV programs and films.

Recent weeks and months have seen some Fire Stick users receiving severe warnings.

Recipients of the device have been involved in unauthorized streaming, often utilizing Internet Protocol television (IPTV) for this purpose. IPTV entails the unlawful distribution of premium content, usually requiring payment, on the underground market. This not only includes movies and series but also encompasses live sports. Millions partake in this illicit activity, with one-fifth acknowledging their involvement in illegally streaming or downloading content.

One hacker, leveraging her expertise to aid individuals and companies in maintaining internet security, cautioned that utilizing such services exposes individuals to significant risks, allowing criminals and hackers the opportunity to infiltrate and control devices and networks. Essentially, it makes individuals vulnerable to personal hacking.
A 'jailbroken' Amazon Fire Stick is one of the more popular devices people use to illegally watch TV. Credit: Amazon

A legal and free alternative to jailbreaking your Fire Stick for IPTV is to download a specific app directly from the Amazon website.

Amazon provides a free streaming service called Amazon Freevee, in addition to Prime Video. This ad-supported platform offers thousands of popular movies, shows, and Originals at no cost. Previously known as IMDb TV, the Freevee app grants access to numerous premium television programs and films.

Amazon Freevee also offers 150 FAST TV channels, where FAST stands for 'free ad-supported streaming television.' These channels feature continuous programming with scheduled advertisements. Users can access this by downloading the Amazon Freevee app on their Fire Sticks directly.

For those already subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, there's no need to download the Freevee app separately, as all Freevee content is automatically integrated into Prime Video. Notable films available for free viewing on Freevee include Kill Bill, Hacksaw Ridge, and Jackie Brown, making it a compelling entertainment option.

According to Amazon, if you already have Prime Video, Amazon Freevee content can be accessed directly through the Prime Video app. Alternatively, Amazon Freevee is available as a standalone app on various devices, including all Amazon Fire TV devices, iOS and Android mobile devices, PlayStation 5, and many smart TVs. By signing in with your credentials, you'll receive personalized movie and TV recommendations. If the app isn't on your device, you can stream Freevee titles via your web browser on the Amazon website or the Prime Video app through the Amazon Freevee Channel. Currently, Amazon Freevee is accessible in the U.S., the UK, Germany, and Austria.
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