A Chrome feature that almost came to Android is rolling out to the iPhone



Every now and then, companies pull some unexpected moves. Take, for example, how Surface Duo users frequently find themselves at the back of the queue for the latest Microsoft features. Now, Google has followed suit, introducing a new Chrome feature exclusively to iPhone owners, at least for the time being.

Now, iPhone users can conveniently relocate the Chrome address bar to the bottom of their screens for easier access. Google mentions that this feature was implemented in response to numerous user requests, driven by the need for comfortable typing in the address bar tailored to individual hand size or device dimensions.


In summary, with the trend toward larger phones and the decline in demand for smaller ones, reaching the address bar can be a bit unwieldy for some users. For those who prefer the default top position, no action is needed. However, if you want to move the address bar to the bottom, simply long-press on it, then select "Move address bar to bottom." Alternatively, navigate to the Settings menu, choose "address bar," and relocate it to your preferred position.

It's interesting to note that the iPhone's Safari browser already has the address bar at the bottom, so Google's move could be an attempt to provide a familiar option for iOS users transitioning to Chrome. Nevertheless, offering this choice is likely to be well-received by most users. On the flip side, Android users with larger phones might not be thrilled about the delayed rollout, especially considering that the feature underwent testing for them from 2016 to 2018 before being put on hold.