Google’s Ad Blitz: 12.7 Million Accounts Suspended, 5.5 Billion Ads Eliminated!



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Google’s most recent Ads Safety Report for 2023 demonstrates a significant surge in suspended ad accounts and blocked advertisements compared to the previous year.

Google took action against 12.7 million advertiser accounts in 2023, nearly doubling the figure from 2022. Additionally, Google blocked or removed 5.5 billion ads for violating its policies.

The report outlined several noteworthy findings:

• Google cracked down on 206.5 million ads for misrepresentation, encompassing various scam tactics.
• Violations of financial services policies resulted in the removal of 273.4 million ads.
• Over 1 billion ads were blocked for exploiting the ad network, such as promoting malware.
• Ads were restricted on 2.1 billion publisher pages, with interventions made on 395,000 sites.

To combat escalating fraud, Google implemented 31 updates to its Ads and Publisher policies last year. These updates included:

• Simplifying controls for advertisers to exclude specific topics.
• Expediting the suspension of bad actors through policy adjustments.
• Introducing the Limited Ads Serving policy to enhance user protection.
• Launching the Ads Transparency Center to facilitate ad verification.

AI played a pivotal role in Google’s efforts, aiding in the identification and suspension of fraudulent accounts before they could pose a threat to users. Google stressed that over 90% of its enforcement actions on publisher pages are driven by machine learning models.

With such a substantial increase in ads being blocked or removed, the question arises: Are there more malicious ads than ever before, or is Google simply more adept at filtering them out?