20 tips to help you avoid phishing attacks



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20 tips to help you avoid phishing attacks

1. Be careful with emails: If an email seems fishy or asks for personal info, don’t click on links or download stuff.

2. Check who sent it: Make sure the email is from a real person or company you know.

3. Don’t rush: Phishing emails often try to make you act fast. Take your time and think before you do anything.

4. Look for mistakes: Real emails usually don’t have spelling or grammar errors.

5. Check links: Before clicking a link, hover your mouse over it to see if it looks weird. If it does, don’t click it.

6. Keep your secrets: Don’t give out passwords, credit card numbers, or other personal stuff in emails.

7. Use extra security: Turn on extra security measures like using a code sent to your phone when you log in.

8. Update your stuff: Make sure your computer and apps are up to date with the latest fixes.

9. Learn about phishing: Know what phishing is and how to spot it.

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10. Make strong passwords: Use passwords that are hard for others to guess.

11. Get antivirus software: Use a good antivirus program to catch phishing attempts. You can search for the best anti virus software that has good feedbacks.

12. Avoid pop-ups: Don’t click on pop-up ads or messages that ask for your info.

13. Be careful on social media: Don’t share too much personal info online.

14. Check before paying: If someone asks you for money or to change your account, double-check with them first.

15. Filter out spam: Use tools that can block spam emails.

16. Report phishing: Tell your email provider or the police if you get a phishing email.

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17. Use safe websites: Look for the little lock icon in your browser when you visit websites.

18. Be careful with attachments: Even if you know the sender, be cautious with email attachments.

19. Stay safe on Wi-Fi: Don’t do important stuff like banking on public Wi-Fi networks.

20. Trust your instincts: If something feels wrong, it probably is. Don’t take any risks.


Thank you. This is a very useful information to keep. 😊