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Is a free website for everyone to upload and share their files. We insure that your files are safe and also you can add password if you want. After uploading your files you can select short this URL to be shorten with bity.ly and copy the link to share with everybody. You don't need to Create your Account because everyone can upload a file.

5SUN TU PROMO.ehi 2.24 KB

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Uploaded on: 2020/13/02 2:02
Accessible until: 2021/16/02 365 days remaining
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File Download Protection

IP Based: If the download page was accessed by a client the IP will be stored and the file can be downloaded directly on the same client without the need of the download page, even with a new the browser-session/instance.

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Share them via email, send emails to you or your friends :) - The sender gets the link to delete the file too.

500 MB

Can be defined in the config
and will be recalculated and decreased if necessary, depending on defined PHP values.

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