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Sisu Full Movie 👇👇👇
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When an ex-soldier who discovers gold in the Lapland wilderness tries to take the loot into the city, Nazi soldiers led by a brutal SS officer battle him.

In late 1944, during the Lapland War, prospector and Winter War veteran Aatami Korpi lives alone in the remote wilderness of Lapland, panning and mining in search of gold. Uncovering a rich deposit, he collects a hefty amount of gold nuggets and sets off for the nearest town with his faithful dog.

Along the way, Aatami encounters a 30-man Wehrmacht platoon led by ruthless SS Obersturmführer Bruno Helldorf and his subordinate Wolf, who are destroying settlements in their retreat and have taken several women captive. Though Bruno takes little interest in the prospector, Aatami is accosted by a group of soldiers who discover his saddlebags full of gold and prepare to execute him, but he swiftly kills them all. Alerted by the gunfire, Bruno discovers a gold nugget taken by one of the dying men.

Bruno and his tank pursue Aatami to the edge of a minefield, where Aatami's horse is obliterated by a mine. Gathering up his gold, Aatami detonates another mine to make his escape, and the soldiers sent after him are quickly claimed by the minefield. When two of the women are ordered ahead to ensure a clear path, one of the captives, Aino, volunteers. Retrieving Aatami's dog tag, Bruno learns that he was once a Finnish commander who lost his family and home fighting against the Russians during the Winter War, and became a "one-man death squad" nicknamed Koschei, meaning "The Immortal".

Wounded and exhausted, Aatami is awakened by the platoon's approach. With the soldiers' dogs on his trail, he hangs underneath one of the German vehicles and punctures the fuel tank, dousing himself in gasoline to hide his scent. When the platoon halts to inspect the leak, Aatami flees, holding the dogs at bay by lighting himself on fire before diving into a nearby lake. Waiting for him to surface, Bruno sends soldiers into the lake, but Aatami slits their throats underwater and breathes in the escaping air. He reaches the other side of the lake, but Bruno captures his dog.

Unwilling to face the consequences of Germany's impending defeat, Bruno intends to use the gold to escape with Wolf and Schütze, arranging for a pilot to fly them to safety while the rest of the platoon makes their way to Norway. Meanwhile, Aatami forces the surviving pilot to fly him after the platoon, and the soldiers soon discover the airplane crashed in their path, with the pilot hanged by Aatami's noose. As the convoy continues, Aatami climbs on and arms the women. He and Aino commandeer one of the trucks, allowing him to leap onto Bruno's tank while the women gun down the rest of the soldiers.

Pulling Wolf out of the tank, Aatami leaves him at the mercy of the women and follows Bruno, who callously kills Schütze before taking off with his pilot. Aatami fires on the plane, mortally wounding the pilot, and uses his pickaxe to hack his way onboard in midair. Bruno brutally beats him with a static line, which Aatami hooks to a bomb and drops Bruno to his death. With the pilot dead, Aatami straps himself in as the plane crashes straight into the large swamp, while Aino and the women deliver Wolf and the tank to the Finnish army.

Still alive, Aatami reunites with his dog and makes his way to a Helsinki bank, where he cashes in his gold and finally speaks, asking for large bills.

Sisu Full Movie 👇👇👇